San Francisco, CA – The Phoenix

SF - The Phoenix - Swivel Yo Hips!!!

Date Seen: 1/17/10
Contributor: Faulty Plans

New York, NY – St. Dymphna’s

NYC - St. Dymphna's - Look at You (Mirror)

Date Seen: 2/28/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

San Francisco, CA – Finnegans Wake

SF - Finnegans Wake - Light Fixture

Date Seen: 8/29/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Apparently the chalkboard, complete with chalk, is not enough at Finnegans Wake because someone took it upon themselves to write on light fixture in the bathroom.

New York, NY – Dark Room

NYC - Dark Room - Girls Whiskey Passion Love!

Date Seen: 11/25/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Agreed and given the fact this was in a bar, I understand the order of priorities.

New York, NY – Stand4

NYC - Stand - Glass of Chalk from Above
NYC - Stand - No Writing

Date Seen: 10/15/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

You can lead a horse to water…but there’s nothing on the walls.

New York, NY – Superdive

NYC - Superdive - Mantown

Date Seen: 9/10/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

I am not really sure I would add my initials under Mantown! because I had no idea what it signifies.

Is this like my married friend’s mantown, the last bastion of masculinity in an otherwise emasculated house? Usually some small, dank space with a beer fridge, the best entertainment center in the house and the old couch. Upon seeing this photo I would gladly sign up for that fate rather than claim the second stall at Superdive for me and my buds.