New York, NY – Mary Ann’s

NYC - Mary Anne's - Life is Hard, After All, It Kills You

Date Seen: 3/31/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls


Quote attributed to Katharine Hepburn

San Francisco, CA – Doc’s Clock

SF - Doc's Clock - Isn't life a gas, it's just like living in the past

Date Seen: 1/16/10
Contributor: Whitdaddy

Was this message meant for men only?

New York, NY – Mari Vanna

NYC - Mari Vanna - may you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live

Date Seen: 1/30/10
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

It seemed appropriate to post an Irish Blessing on St. Patrick’s day, even if it was written at a place that didn’t serve Guinness, a Russian restaurant.

New York, NY – Burp Castle

NYC - Burp Castle - I hate my job - I will quit to be a comedian wish me luck

Date Seen: 9/10/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

I hate my job – I will quit to be a comedian
Wish me luck

I hope they do well as a comedian but I would have appreciated something a bit funnier from a future comedian.

South Bend, IN – CJ’s

South Bend, IN - CJ's - My name is Rico...And I...Like to Party

Date Seen: 10/16/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

I have to admit I was hoping for a bit more out of my alma mater. But like the football team, there is quite a bit to be desired.

Greenwich, CT – Bruce Park Grill

Greenwich, CT - Bruce Park Grill - Big Money Cuz

Date Seen: 2/3/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Giving Greenwich a good name one quote at a time.

Rochester, NY – Prepp’s Bar

Rochester, NY - Prepp's Bar - Adventure excitement a (30 yr old) Jedi craves not these things

Date Seen: Unknown
Contributor: DevilsLAXative

What possess someone to write a quote from Yoda, the smallest member of the Star Wars cast? Wait did I just say small member?

Thanks to DevilsLAXative for his recent additions to the site.

Boston, MA – DeLux Cafe

Boston, MA - DeLux - 2 Pints is a Quart, 4 Quarts is Still a Gallon, I Drank 8 Gallons

Date Seen: 10/18/08
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

This seems like a drunken internal monologue written on the walls of DeLux Cafe.

New York, NY – The Rusty Knot

NYC - The Rusty Knot - Death to our Enemies

Date Seen: 8/19/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

A traditional maritime war cry!

New York, NY – Fontana’s

NYC - Fontana's - I confessed my love here my brain explodes

Date Seen: 5/9/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

I confessed my love here, my BRAIN explodes