Boston, MA – People’s Republik

Boston, MA - People's Republik - Insert Baby Here for Refund

Date Seen: 11/7/08
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Not all entries can be politically correct and this one sure as hell isn’t. For those needing a little help with the inscription, it reads:

Insert Baby Here For Refund

Very classy, I know, but thing that struck me more than anything else was the fact that this was not merely written on the condom dispensing machine but someone had taken the time and considerable effort to etch it into the metal of the machine, presumably with a key or a knife.

PS I had to do a little photoshopping to make this more legible than my handy iPhone camera allowed.

Brooklyn, NY – Iona

Brooklyn, NY - Iona - A: Nobody is Ugly After 2am..... B: You Just Wait Until Sunrise

Date Seen: 11/27/09
Contributor: J Block

I agree with the second guy.

Austin, TX – Emo’s

Austin, TX - Emo's - Dick Nose

Date Seen: 3/5/09
Contributor: Faulty Plans

My brother was at South by Southwest and wanted to be the first photo contributor to the site. Done and done.