Austin, TX – Club DeVille

Austin, TX - Club DeVille

Date Seen: 3/20/10
Contributor: Faulty Plans

New York, NY – Von

NYC - Von - No One Cares!

Date Seen: 1/12/10
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

The message is not exactly reassuring and the picture is disconcerting, it made me want another drink.

New York, NY – Black & White

NYC - Black & White - Art, Girl

Date Seen: 3/5/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Black & White, one of my favorite spots in New York, rarely has much on the walls but this artwork made a brief appearance before she was erased.

Breckenridge, CO – Kenosha Steakhouse

Breckenridge, CO - Kenosha Steakhouse, Mr. Potato Head

Date Seen: 1/13/10
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

This is one angry depiction of Mr. Potato Head, but given the smells he has been subjected to I supposed he’s justified in being pissed off.

New York, NY – Heathers

NYC - Heathers - Eat Sh*t

Date Seen: 11/13/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

It’s been said and written many times before but writing it on a set of lips gives it more impact.

Boston, MA – Other Side Cafe

Boston, MA - Other Side Cafe - Art

Date Seen: 10/19/08
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

After a long night of drinking with friends you often think you have seen all the bathroom graffiti, at the prior night’s bars, you are going to see. However, that was not the case when we went to the The Otherside Cafe for everyone’s favorite hangover cure, brunch.

When I visited the facilities I found this tremendously large mural, for lack of a better word, that had me envisioning legions of patrons crossing their legs while the Michelangelo of bathroom murals was hard at work with his gigantic marker.

Denis, MA – The Woodshed

Denis, MA - The Woodshed - Ring Finger Down

Date Seen: 11/7/08
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

True class. No more commentary necessary.

New York, NY – Village Pourhouse

NYC - Village Pourhouse - Art

Date Seen: 11/2/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

New York, NY – Vazacs Horseshoe Bar

NYC - Vazacs Horseshoe Bar - A: Anarchy Symbol B: Ooh, Cool Dude!!! Anarchy! Yeah, That's Soooo Rad!!

Date Seen: 10/10/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Trash talking an anarchist.

New York, NY – BonChon Chicken

NYC - BonChon Chicken - Art

Date Seen: 11/13/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Not the best work we’ve seen but it was the only thing found in this K-town institution.