I have long wondered, when I sit enjoying a meal, reading a book, or drinking a tasty beverage, who amongst us are the people, armed with a pen, a sharpie, a piece of chalk, or a lighter, preparing themselves to make a visit to the restroom, not to simply “use the facilities” but instead to leave something potentially more permanent behind.

For years we have been entertained, amused, offended and even impressed with some of the words and pictures that have been left behind on the stalls and walls of bathrooms we have visited; it is for that reason I have created Stalls and Walls to share some of the best and worst that we see.

Some establishments keep a vigilant eye on their bathrooms and quickly paint over any blemish encountered.  Yet, other establishments let their customers make and leave their mark, creating a running history for all those who visit the restroom.  In either circumstance the messages are perishable, which is why I felt Stalls and Walls would be the perfect place to share and make a record of those deserving notice.

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