Breckenridge, CO – Ullr’s Sports Grill

Breckenridge, CO - Ullr's Sports Grill - All Daisys Die

Date Seen: 1/16/10
Contributor: Stalls & Walls

Don’t most flowers die eventually? Or am I missing something here?

New York, NY – The Spotted Pig

NYC - The Spotted Pig - something's fishy about this wallpaper

Date Seen: 1/2/10
Contributor: Stalls & Walls

In case you can’t read it: Something’s fishy about this wallpaper

Kind of a layup, but I like it.

Austin, TX – Club DeVille

Austin, TX - Club DeVille

Date Seen: 3/20/10
Contributor: Faulty Plans

New York, NY – Von

NYC - Von - No One Cares!

Date Seen: 1/12/10
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

The message is not exactly reassuring and the picture is disconcerting, it made me want another drink.

Neptune Beach, FL – Pete’s Bar

Neptune Beach, FL - Pete's Bar - Please Do Not Throw Cigarette Butts in Urinal It Makes Them Soggy and Hard to Light

Date Seen: 12/26/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

San Francisco, CA – Kezar Bar & Grill

SF - Kezar Bar & Grill - A: I f'd your mom B: go home dad you're drunk

Date Seen: 8/27/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

A true classic!

New York, NY – Heathers

NYC - Heathers - If you see something say nada

Date Seen: 11/13/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

I don’t think the NYPD would be a big fan of this one.

New York, NY – Reservoir

NYC - Reservoir - You have no idea how much fun we're having

Date Seen: 4/18/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

I saw this and thought of a a few things:

1) How good a time did this person really have?
2) Did I miss out on a great night?
3) How good a night would I have to have to write about it on a bathroom wall?
4) If I was having a great night wouldn’t I want to get right back to it and not waste any extra time in the bathroom?

That’s all.

New York, NY – Black & White

NYC - Black & White - Art, Girl

Date Seen: 3/5/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Black & White, one of my favorite spots in New York, rarely has much on the walls but this artwork made a brief appearance before she was erased.

New York, NY – Standings

NYC - Standings - If you voted Bush don't sh*t here your assh*le is in Washington

Date Seen: 1/11/09
Contributor: Stalls and Walls

Some entries need no introduction.